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The NHMI mission is to deliver high quality "hands-on" environmental and science education to supplement classroom learning experiences and outcomes. We also provide more than just an opportunity to physically explore the marine environment. We offer students the chance to stretch their minds and enhance their senses far beyond the scope of the classroom and to practice their cooperative skills while discovering new worlds in the company of their peers. Our staff strive to provide an atmosphere of camaraderie, as well as learning, through the fellowship of exploration, cooperative analysis, and the whole experience and challenge of residential camping. We believe in "immersion education" in that students get an opportunity to embrace the local environment by being completely surrounded by it. Through NHMI programs, participants learn by living in - and interacting with - their natural world.

Goals of NHMI programs include providing opportunities for exploring interests in the marine sciences and for discovering methods of managing the resources of the ocean environs. From within the heart of our philosophy arise two important beliefs. The first is that an environmental ethic - an appreciation for the fragile natural world- is an essential element of good citizenship. (Some participants may indeed become the scientists of tomorrow, and others will become the informed voting citizenry who will guide the management of our marine resources in the future.) Secondly, we believe that learning must be fun.

At NHMI we create and implement programs designed to:

Stimulate awareness, appreciation and knowledge of the complex, fragile marine environments of the Florida Keys, and the Keys' connections to life in the rest of Florida and the whole planet;

Foster understanding of the interdependence of specific forms of life in the ocean and terrestrial environs, and of the complex ecological, social, cultural and economic issues facing Earth's citizens;

Enhance critical thinking skills, and motivate persons of all ages to use resources wisely and to act conscientiously in all their personal and public decisions;

Be fun ways to learn .......interactive, experiential, immersive, challenging.

The Seacamp Association staff community is committed to:

Conducting research, as is appropriate and possible, in order to increase understanding and knowledge of the marine environment;

Advocating for sound personal and public practices which will assure the continuation of our natural resources for generations to come; and

Modeling the values we teach.